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Mobile Application Development for Android, Iphone, Blackberry

We are the leading Mobile application developers form India. We have expert developers in various platforms like Android, Iphone, BlackBerry, Bada, Symbian Belle. When deciding to develop a mobile strategy, it’s not just about the app, it’s also important to consider which platform it will sit on and whether to cater for multiple platforms. There is no such thing as one size fits all in the mobile space!

The past couple of years have seen the iPhone lead the way in Smartphone sales, however, the last quarter of 2011 shows Android handsets leapfrogging iPhone with 25% market share. Another interesting statistic is the gender split by platform with 73% of Android users being male compared to 57% of iPhone users.

Why should businesses go mobile?

It’s pretty simple, mobile internet usage is projected to surpass desktop usage within the next five years, therefore having a mobile presence and strategy is essential for any business — in fact for some companies, it’s already becoming more essential than a website, and over time will become an integral part of business operations and the marketing mix.

These platforms include …

Apple currently have the world’s largest mobile application store (the app store) with over 350,000 applications and over ten billion downloads iOS is currently our recommendation for most mobile applications.

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Apple's biggest competitor, current manufactures that run Android include Samsung, HTC, Dell and many other electronics powerhouses.


Smartphone’s for people in business. BlackBerry has a strong following of users who are insistent on using BlackBerry for their bulletproof email service. Applications which run on BlackBerry are generally more business related.

Windows Mobile

With Microsoft still the world’s largest software company, Windows Mobile is a comparable alternative to iOS, Android and BlackBerry.